(served all day)

Breakfast Sandwich:  $ 3.29
Bacon or Sausage on Wheat or English Muffin
Hashbrown Patty:   $ .99
Sausage on a Stick:   $ 2.49
French Toast Sticks:   $ 2.29 
Biscuits & Gravy:  $ 5.59 
  Raspberry Scone:  $ 3.99
Bagel: $ 1.99 (with a side of cream cheese) Plain, Cinnamon Raisin, Blueberry    

Cinnamon Roll, with cream cheese icing: $ 3.39
Orange or Apple Juice: $ 1.39

Coffee:   Reg: $1.29   Large: $1.59

Hot Chocolate: $1.99        Milk: $0.99

Espresso:  Latte or Mocha
Tall (12oz):  $2.59      Grande (16oz):  $3.29
Extra Shot: $.55
Flavor: $.55


Welcome to Best Burgers

Family owned and operated since 1990...
Located in Lakewood, WA. we offer quality food, with quality service at quality prices. From burgers to sandwiches, shakes to coffee, breakfast to lunch, we provide the best.

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