All combo meals come with Regular Fry and Medium Soda except Double and Triple Meals come with a Large Fry and Jr. Meal come with a Small Soda
1/4 lb Deluxe Cheese:    $ 7.39  without cheese: $ 7.69
1/4 lb Deluxe Cheese Bacon:    $ 8.69
Double Deluxe Cheese:    $ 10.29
Triple Deluxe:  $ 12.99   with cheese: $ 13.59
Best Burger Deluxe:  $ 6.39   with cheese:  $ 6.69
Best Burger JR (ketch only):   $ 4.99  with cheese add $.30
Chicken Fillet Sandwich:   $ 8.69
Hot Dog & Soda:   $ 5.59
does not include fry


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